Cannondale Quick 6 Road Bicycle Review

Published: 19th July 2010
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Cannondale Quick 6 Road Bicycle Review

If you are on the market for a high-quality recreational or fitness bike, Cannondale may be the name for you. Cannondale is a Candian owned bicycle manufacturing company that was founded in 1971. With a dedicated mission and philosophy of selling only high-end products in the industry, all of their bicycle and touring gear is hand-made; constructed of aluminum rather than steel. With never-ending testing and technique changes, Cannondale prides itself in offering recreational and mountain riders the perfect road bike at an affordable price. While there are several models available in the Cannondale lineup, each has its own purpose and function in the world of biking. Consumers should always research a reliable road bike review prior to investing in a high ticket item. The Cannondale Quick 6 is one of the newer models to hit the market from this cycling beast, and impresses riders and biking experts alike with its combination of comfort, performance and pricing.

The design of the Cannondale Quick 6 is perhaps the finest attribute to its popularity. With new and innovative techniques and technology, Cannondale has crossed industrial design with street bikes like never before. Available in fiber, alloy or carbon, this model is extremely performance-oriented with its own BB30 Integration of a shell. The shell is not only lightweight, but also extremely durable and allows for riders to get a significant power transfer during their ride.

While the Cannondale Quick 6 is a fitness bike and not a mountain bike, it does not compromise its lightweight design by eliminating performance features that would be expected on any Cannondale model. The Hollowgram, which has been labeled the lightest crank on the market, is cleverly implemented to add high-performance features for all-purpose riders. Another technology taken from their other model, the Synapse, the Quick is now sporting SAVE features to reduce and eliminate the vibration of a ride, while keeping the stiffness riders need to maintain power for long distances.

Aside from the technology used in the industrial design, a road bike review should also speak a bit about the specifications that offer the rider comfort. The saddle, which is generally the most important feature in providing comfort, is a Cannondale Quick Ergo Comfort and is intelligently padded to conform to any riders rear end. The built-in headset semi-integrated thread-less also provides riders with enjoyable listening features.

Making smart investments in this turbulent economy is essential. For a high-performance and efficient ride, consider choosing the Quick 6 as your street bike of choice. With advances in technology and a commitment for the best in quality, Cannondale sticks to its promise for the consumers.

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